Monthly Archives: January 2012

Hawk Attack – up close and personal

I meant to write about my hawk encounter last week but got tied up with house stuff.

As you enter my front door, there is a large hedge on the right side where my north side neighbor put in a big hedge and cedar tree next to her driveway. As I came into the front door, a Red Tailed Hawk came zooming through the side yard, hitting the hedge at high speed, claws fanned out. He was after a sparrow which, squealing, escaped into the dark depths of the hedge. He was about 10 feet from me when he struck.

We had a hawk living in the neighborhood when we first moved here when there was more free grasslands in areas houses hadn’t yet been built. Occasionaly, I still see him and he’s been active around here recently, sitting very still on the back fence about 20 feet from our kitchen window, giving us full view of his terrible awesomeness.

Our house opens to a greenbelt (here that means a strip of watershed that is protected from development because of the many waterways in this area) and we often get mice and rabbits hanging about. Last winter I saw evidence of a hawk strike on a rabbit left in the snow in the backyard.