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TAROT: December Horse Training

It’s been a long time since I’ve read Tarot cards but considering I need some guidance in my life right now, I picked it back up. This was a reading I did early in December asking about how Z’s training would go for the month. I am doing a 3-card spread and reading them as a unit, not as a past-present-future. I don’t feel one card gives me enough advice or perspective.


Card #1 is The Emperor #34 in the Major Arcana of the deck

Authority, Stability, Order and Law, Responsibility,
Practical and logical solutions,
Making the best of Stretching Resources

I found it interesting that the pattern had at one end, male energy and at the other end, female energy. Some people like to read people cards (specifically the King, Queen, Knight and Page) as “people”. If there is no obvious connection to a person in my life, I often read them instead as energy that is being presented – more like the anima and animus. Stereotypically, male energy is described as drive, authority, decision maker.

Card #2 is the Ten of Cups (Minor Arcana)


Happy Home, Contentment, Comfort and Happiness

The suite of Cups deals with emotions, love, connections, family and relationships. The Home card serves as the center of this Triad – the fulcrum from which the Emperor (left) and the Queen (right) are suspended.

To me this card signifies the joy of having the horses at home at our own place. I’ve noticed a huge shift in Z’s and I’s relationship now that we are together 24/7, waking and sleeping.

Card #3 is the Queen of Wands (Court card)


Just do it. Strong sense of self, Confidence, Strength of Will, Optimism, Assertive Nature

The suite of Wands deals with primal energy and drive, spirituality and your core being of values, inspiration and creativity, determination and strength, and intuition. It’s often the seeds of creative passion that can come to fruition if balanced by other suits.

This card used to be my Significator card back in the day when I read on a regular basis. Wands deal with creative energy, will, and passion. The Queen of Wands is described here in what I think is an apt description: The Queen of Wands represents a woman who knows exactly what she wants out of life, and aims at her goals with great dedication.


Because I’ve been waffling about riding Z and feeling a lack of confidence, these layout actually gave me a comforting surge of support. I felt I was going the right direction with Z and just need to “do it” while providing stability and authority to a very strong willed horse. In the past I felt like I “lost myself” so seeing the Queen of Wands emerge shows me that I can get back to feeling good and right about what I’m doing as well as having the energy and drive to accomplish – all offset by the authority of the male energy of responsibility and stability.


TAROT: Pony Shopping Expedition

The day I was going to meet the potential pony, I did a Tarot card reading, in a 3 card spread. The question was how would the meeting of the pony go?


#1 – Two of Rods collects energy and balances it with vision. It’s a time of inward collection and harboring passion and intention woven together.

I had been thinking for some time about getting Pandora a pony but wanted the right pony, for the right price, and the right opportunity hadn’t presented itself. I had actually passed on several ponies already as I knew what I was looking for and these ponies didn’t fit the bill (price, herd ranking had to be Omega, age – over 12, preferably senior, little to no health issues, and kinda pretty).

#2 – X The Wheel of Fortune spins at random or by design? Change is about to occur. Not getting the pony wouldn’t be a change so hence change was about to occur. This and the next card clearly shows that the pony will be changing hands.

#3 – Sixth of Pentacles is about the flow of change of material goods. The scales show a balance of judgment as well as equal giving and receiving. While this card isn’t necessarily about a commercial transaction – it’s a bit more about dispensing charity – the people who I bought the pony from were in financial need.

To me it was a clear sign that money is changing hands.

It seemed clear to me that I would be buying the pony by the end of the day and sure enough that is what happened.