TAROT: Pony Shopping Expedition

The day I was going to meet the potential pony, I did a Tarot card reading, in a 3 card spread. The question was how would the meeting of the pony go?


#1 – Two of Rods collects energy and balances it with vision. It’s a time of inward collection and harboring passion and intention woven together.

I had been thinking for some time about getting Pandora a pony but wanted the right pony, for the right price, and the right opportunity hadn’t presented itself. I had actually passed on several ponies already as I knew what I was looking for and these ponies didn’t fit the bill (price, herd ranking had to be Omega, age – over 12, preferably senior, little to no health issues, and kinda pretty).

#2 – X The Wheel of Fortune spins at random or by design? Change is about to occur. Not getting the pony wouldn’t be a change so hence change was about to occur. This and the next card clearly shows that the pony will be changing hands.

#3 – Sixth of Pentacles is about the flow of change of material goods. The scales show a balance of judgment as well as equal giving and receiving. While this card isn’t necessarily about a commercial transaction – it’s a bit more about dispensing charity – the people who I bought the pony from were in financial need.

To me it was a clear sign that money is changing hands.

It seemed clear to me that I would be buying the pony by the end of the day and sure enough that is what happened.


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