Owl as Power Animal and Guide

In my spiritual work, using symbols, imagery, dreams or Tarot cards, I don’t consider any of it representing evil – there is only varying degrees of challenges, trials, difficulties, successes and opportunities. While, historically, some cultures may have considered the owl as a harbinger of evil because of its nocturnal nature, I don’t feel that way at all.

An Animal Guide may reveal itself for a season or for all time.

Understanding an Animal Guide or Power Animal means first finding out more about the animal’s natural abilities: what is its environment? What does it eat? How does it mate and raise its young? How does it see and smell, what noises does it make, at what time of day is it active? Etc…

I think it’s also important to ask yourself: what attracts me to this animal? What do I find uncomfortable about it? What seems similar to my own personality? What do I find difficult to accept? Recognizing what appeals and, dare I write, repels, is all part of understanding why your Animal has become your Guide and what lessons they are here to impart.


The owls’ natural attributes is its keen night vision (though it can also see in the daytime). Like all birds of prey it has amazing vision to spot movement and can respond quickly. Its hearing is as keen as its eyesight and the Great Horned Owl has keener hearing then eyesight.

The owls’ eyes are yellow, located on the front of its face (like a humans). Its eyelid movement blinks by closing the upper eyelid, similar to humans. A nictating, third eyelid helps clean the eye. Their eye doesn’t move like a human, so the neck must freely turn (though it does not make a circle, but only appears to do so since the movement is so quick).

The Owl flies and glides silently, slowly and smoothly. An owl usually swallows its prey whole and then regurgitates out the unneeded parts as owl pellets.

The Great Horned Owl’s favorite food is the skunk and his enemy is the Crow. According to Ted Andrews book, Animal Speak, the Great Horned Owl (Lunar/Nightime) has a balancing raptor: the Red Tailed Hawk (Solar/Daytime). The two can share the same territory and tolerate each other though it’s not unknown for the two to become adversaries.

By studying the individual species of owl, you can learn more about specific powers. From the natural world, the spiritual can be extrapolated.

The owl sees clearly through the darkness so reveals people’s secrets and their souls.

The owl is associated with prophecy and clairvoyance.

The owl is active at night, and thus associated with mystery.

The owl is solitary so do Owl-work alone such as meditation as dusk or night.

The owl is associated with the moon.


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