Greetings to Owl

After the owl encounters, I started having the feeling I should so something more to encourage communication or understanding on my part. The weather had warmed up so I thought I could go into the horse park and do a nighttime meditation.

Because we live across from the horse park entrance at the National Forest, I knew people went in and out at night so if I did do the meditation at night, I felt I would need Grenewinae to come with me for physical and psychic protection.

Since I was going to have a companion with me, I asked that once we crossed the road and entered the park we wouldn’t speak with each other; he also chose to walk behind me. I did bring a small flashlight and a yoga mat to sit upon as we had wet ground.

The road into the park goes down steeply into a valley. I had taken the horses this direction before and knew the area. I planned on turning off at the first left junction and heading over to a large, hilly field surrounded by forests.

Entering the wooded road, I stopped several times. I could hear something on the left and later on the right, moving in the underbrush. I really became conscious of how much I was holding my breath, freezing it in my upper chest, due to fear of the unknown. I found myself looking down to see my way instead of trusting my step.

Settled on the hill, I spoke out the ode for Owl I had composed:

Greetings Owl,
Friend of Athena
Moon’s Messenger
Master of Mystery
Shadows are nothing to Owl
Owl sees into all corners
Owls’ vision removes all masks
Owl sees the true soul
Owl Sister, Owl Brother
Owl Father, Owl Mother
Please share your vision
Please share your wisdom
I am open to receive your message

While I closed my eyes and opened my senses to the wood, again I realized how much I was holding my breath and slumping my shoulders forward. I concentrated and tried several breathing exercises, emptying my mind.

As time past, the wind picked up and it seemed to me that there was a presence down the hill to the left and perhaps in front of where I sat. It didn’t feel like a specific animal but was more widespread in its aura. Nor did it feel to be human. I wasn’t afraid of it – it gave me the feeling it was watching with no need for action.

I can’t write that I felt Owl or heard an Owl, though at one point I did give a few owl hoots. Grenwinae told me later he heard an answering call very far off in the distance.

There was much cloud cover and no star or moonlight. The wind was balmy and when it did come through the area, I shook the rattle I had brought, as wind is what carries the Owl.

Whereas some people see answers in colors or auras, others through stories or visualizations, I usually get clear, simple sentences when I gain insight. As I sat I got a clear verbal message:

Until you let go of fear you cannot enter Mystery.

After a few more moments, I thanked Owl. Standing I bowed to the East, South, West, and North, my hands palm to palm.

Walking back up the hill, I turned off the flashlight and trusted to my feet. My breathing was labored as I am horribly out of shape. I knew I had a lot of work ahead of me to do.


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