Current Fears

Owl wants me to address my fears. Even listing them is scary. Even thinking about them made me get sad and tear up. But I understand what Owl is trying to tell me…until I take charge and separate fear from reality, I cannot begin to understand the next level of where I need to go.

Fear of:

Looking foolish

Seeming stupid

Fear of real intimacy of the heart – tearing down the most inner walls

Not having enough money to take care of basic needs

Unpleasant surprises – usually related to money (that bill you don’t expect)

Not being able to find employment up to my abilities

Nobody wanting me for employment

Falling – either riding, tripping, losing ground

Not being able to provide to my animals what they need

Physical injury (I’ve had several these last two years and I feel like I’m falling apart sometimes)

Dreaming or Wishing


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