DREAM: fear of riding

The night of the Owl Greeting Meditation, I had this dream. It features one of my current fears and that is of riding my mare, Z. Intellectually, I shouldn’t be afraid but because so much these last 10 years has suppressed my natural confidence, I’ve found this fear creeping upon me.

In the dream, my friends, a married couple, M and C have Z. For some reason (there are no explanations in dreams), M has given C the chance to train Z.

M and C are really representing a married couple that trained my very first horse and which ended badly. Being a couple they most likely represent the male-female duality.

I am watching C (the male half of the couple) chase Z around the Roundpen. At one punt he is throwing rocks and dirt at Z to get her to turn and change directions. I start becoming angry.

This has no basis in reality because C doesn’t train or ride horses – his wife M does. Neither of these people would ever train a horse in the manner of this dream.  Again, this is about symbols, not reality, because this is how the unconscious represents ideas to the conscious mind.

I call a stop this and demand that I take Z’s training over again. M mocks me and says, “You are afraid to even ride your own horse!” At which I reply, that I AM riding my own horse and I will prove it to them. I leave and go inside the house where I start putting on my riding breeches and my boots.

Before the dream goes further I wake up.


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