Not listening moment

The office I work for sees exotic animals. Before the weekend, a kwas brought in. She was in a pretty bad way and I’ve learned to start keeping my emotional distance in case the outcome is not a happy one.

Thankfully, however, the K recovered and went home with his owner on Saturday. During the checkout, the owner kept trying to draw out our conversation. I knew he was relieved that she recovered and wanted to show her off, but I was busy ending my day, and kept wondering when I could get back to “work.”

The K kept poking her paw through her carrier. He said this was her way of saying she wanted to play – and he brought her out. Another person in the waiting room got her photo taken with the K and talked some time with the owner about how unusual the K was etc…

Monday morning, driving to work, it hit me how stupid I had been! The K had been literally reaching out to me, trying to engage me while I had not been in the moment! This playful animal that had just survived a serious illness was enjoying life!

Duh! *face palm* I was not listening at all to what is happening around me but living in the future or the past.

The K is profiled in Animal Spirit Guides by Steven D. Farmer (p.205):

“Be calm and be aware of overreacting to others if someone criticizes you or says something that you don’t agree with” (unfortunately, there are some people in the office that can be hostile and overly critical in a non-professional manner).

“You may be required to take a leap of faith soon, so trust your instincts and when the opportunity presents appears, and if it feels right to your gut, go for it without hesitation or qualification.”

P.S. Because of the unusual nature of this animal, I’ve put its name in as a graphic so search engines can’t read it. I would prefer the location of whom and where I work to remain unnamed in the blog and this animal is so unusual a search would bring up the blog. Thanks for your understanding.


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