Messenger Hawk

So much has happened over the last few days that I want to get it down, though it’s evening and I’m pretty tired from a roundtrip from Missouri to Oklahoma.

I had returned to my dentist in Oklahoma to finish some dental work that had been started prior to my quick fall move to Missouri. I left Grenwinae’s office, actually pulling out of the parking lot when I saw two crows fly across, harrying a hawk (most likely a Red Tail Hawk).

This isn’t too unusual as I’ve also seen smaller birds harry a hawk or a crow to get them away from a nesting area. However, with my awareness that I was beginning a trip and that I’ve recently been opening myself up to bird magic, I wondered what it portended.

It’s pretty common to see Red Tailed Hawks on the interstates because they like to hunt the open fields. I think they like also the ditches formed by roadwork on either side where mice and other prey travel. This drive down to Oklahoma I passed over 20 hawks! Hawks were everywhere: on telephone poles, fence posts, telephone wires, and trees. I even sighted two on the ground (most likely after pouncing on something).

Most of them were facing the direction I was going. They seemed a bit ruffled – trying to keep warm most likely. I think the warmer weather (it had warmed up by about 10 degrees) had brought them out in mass for hunting.

Interestingly enough, once I had crossed the state border, I also sighted (at different times) TWO, BLACK highway patrol cars. Thankfully, they had pulled over other people.


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