Bald Eagle has my back

In my area, Bald Eagles winter and can be seen in certain areas (called Eagle Watches). Years back I saw some at a state park dam where they would dive for fish coming down off the causeway. However, I’ve never seen one casually and unexpectedly.

Driving into town to get a load of hay for the horses, I saw one up high in a tree on the left side of the road! He had his back to me and when I turned the car around so Grenwinae could get a cell phone pic, Bald Eagle flew off.

I wondered what it could mean. We were going to look at a possible rental house, which would involve moving sooner than we expected. I thought at first perhaps Bald Eagle was telling me it would turn out – a blessing but as it turned out, the house did not work. I decided against it; the woman/owner struck me as something being off – I tried to tune into Owl nature of seeing the unseen.

The Bald Eagle is only one of the many raptors that have been showing themselves to me of late. While I don’t feel the Bald Eagle is one of my Spirit Guides, Bald Eagle may have shown its presence to me for a message. I need to contemplate Bald Eagle’s recent appearance and I believe it has a wider view.

You may know that the Bald Eagle as the National Bird is protected and only Native Americans can possess their feathers due to religious reasons. Lots of blog entries could be written about the power of the Bald Eagle as Bald Eagle has long been a symbol of power and transformation.


Also seen on this trip was a Red Tailed Hawk, held immobile in a thermal. Since we made no real change on moving to a new rental, I’ve decided that the Hawks are principally messengers for the day.


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