Hawks messages

Heading into town yesterday, I saw a hawk, wings spread far, gliding on a thermal, being harried by three crows. Hawk seemed unconcerned by the circling black birds and kept himself fully spread, gliding at the same altitude – not trying to evade or climb higher – looking like he was out for an afternoon flight.

Before when I saw crows harrying a hawk, I was about to head off on a road trip and passed two cops (and there were two crows). This time I didn’t see any police so I wondered further on what this particular sign to me might reveal to me.

Keep confident in your own abilities, fly higher then that which might harrass you – whether they be problems, bills, harrassing people or whatever those “attacks” might be. Fortitude, powered by a belief in your own abilities will get me pass whatever comes to trouble me.


Driving back into town on another day, we saw a young hawk, swoop down and successfully pounce on some prey. Yet another day this week, Grenwinae saw Hawk at the side of the road, gleefully ripping into some sort of prey; majestic and powerful.

Go after what you want with focus and strike accurately for success. Access my aggression and arrogance in my abilities to fuel my intention to hit my target.

Hawk brings a certain arrogance to his messages. When I asked Grenwinae to warn Hawk who was flying too low over a very busy road outside our house, Hawks’ reply was: “There are Hawks, and Hawk Food.” With Hawk there is not much compromise. Hawks knows what it wants, and takes it.


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