Candle meditation

I’m not a big fan of Big Ceremonies. I guess part of it is that I am not a group person. I don’t choose group activities to participate in and don’t like parties. I generally pick solitary activities: reading, drawing, writing, photography, Yoga, riding horses etc… and a love of solitude is something I do have in common with Owl.

Another place where I differ from others in the Pagan community is that I don’t worship or call on a deity. In general, I am not that keen on deities. While Brighid is interesting in a historical, pagan sense, and as an embodied symbol, the idea of worshipping Her or calling on Her seems far more unnatural to me then asking a natural animal force – one that I’ve seen and made a connection with, such as Owl – for assistance.

Being lowkey, for Imbolc, I did a simple candle meditation as flames, fire and the hearth are under Brighid’s auspices. Not asking or calling on anything in particular but trying to let my mind stay blank. At the bedside I used a white candle, set in salt poured into one of my favorite porcelian bowls. This bowl in particular as a red glaze at the lip that drips down the sides.


My meditation beads are of Red Jasper with one disc of Red Jasper at one end, and a bronze Owl medallion on the other. The Bronze Owl looks fierce with radiating rays from the Head. My Owl locket we found at a downtown shop (owl art is very popular right now) and secretly holds part of Owl’s gift to me.


I’ll be doing a candle meditation throughout the month of February. Practicing on bringing the mind to a still place and gaining a sense of calm. Meditation is very new to me so I’m still learning myself. Some further ideas on doing a Candle Meditation…. (beginner tips and breathing practices)


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