Bringing Mindfulness into the Everyday

Some things I am trying it incorporate into my every day life are just small recognitions of what I’m working towards. Its part of mindfulness; recognizing and keeping Owl present so I can remember Owl’s teachings. In the rush of our day, it’s easy to forget and return to old, unproductive ways of thinking.

Owl’s lessons I need to keep in mind:

keeping confident in my own abilities;
waiting for the right moment to “go for it”;
using the power of silence to my advantage;
defining and protecting my boundaries;
seizing and holding fast to what I want;
looking past the obvious and using Owl-sense to seeing past the facade;
(when separated from the Ego), trusting my intuition to guide me;
and keeping the larger, birdseye view, of the entire landscape of my goals and life.

Hanging off our ceiling fan is an owl windchime I recently found. I try to touch it at least once a day to make the bells ring.


JMO but sometimes people feel like they need to go overboard on stuff. It has to be bigger, better, longer, faster or whatever. My approach as I wrote before is far more lowkey but still striving for simplicity. It does no good to think on your beliefs once a month or four times a year, yet day to day forget what path you are trodding upon.


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