another Owl shows himself

I found another dead owl on my trip returning from Oklahoma to Missouri. I felt if I didn’t stop and take the remains for a proper burial that it would be betraying my Guide. This bird is older and larger, but still so light in terms of weight. He was found in an area more like the environment where he would naturally live – decidious forest with water.

With Grenwinae’s illness though I have not had time to say a proper goodbye. We will choose a location on the property and do a burial.

I’m still working on my communication with Owl. I’m not like Grenwinae and can slip into a trance just because he closed his eyes! This is a much slower process with just feeling glimpses. I like how Ted Andrews describe this as building a relationship and like any relationship it takes time to get to know each other.

I do feel like there are big, positive, changes on the horizon.

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