Tarot Spread with strong symbolism

An interesting spread that came up last week when I asked: What do I need to know? (click the photo to see full size)


First impressions, just looking at the cards and not trying to interpret them as to meanings, several things really struck me:

The first card in the sequence shows death riding a white horse – the last card shows a child riding a white horse. The sun is rising in Death, and through the card sequence the sky goes from blue to yellow and finally is at full height in The Sun.

The flower on Death’s flag resembles the flower in in the 6 of Cups. The maiden fainting in Death’s card, resembles the woman in Strength (8) with the same golden hair, vine in her hair and white dress.

The throne of the Queen of Wands is made of lions (a lion again is shown in Strength). The sunflowers  in Queen of Wands, repeats with a garden of them in The Sun. The Queen holds a wand staff which becomes a baton in The Empress’ hand. The red throw on The Empress’ throne is the same red as the flag the child holds in The Sun.

Only the suits of cups and wands are represented. Of the six cards, four of them are from the Major Arcana. The Empress is from the Worldly Sequence of Personal Growth; Strength is in the second group: Search for Self Knowledge; and The Sun is from the last group: the Goal of Enlightenment. Reading from left to right, the cards are in the same progression of the Worldly Sequence.


This card layout came with the Question: What do I need to know?

The first row, reading from left to right seems to me to say I need to let go of some nostalgic idea of the past – or some rosy memories in order to spiritually progress. The first row ends with the Queen of Wands which is the card I usually use to represent myself. While the Queen is an earthly person of strength and will, confident and action oriented, in the next row she becomes archetypical.

The second row starts with The Empress, the Goddess ideal of Mother and sensual Woman; bounty and abundance. From this worldly plain of goods represented by The Empress, we move to Strength where Intellect and Wisdom has calmed the turmoil of our baser emotions and passions… taming the beast. The journey continues and with understanding becomes the Child to experience full joy and freedom.

Honestly, at this point I have no idea how this relates to what I’m going through now. I am not a person who holds on to the past or is particularly nostaglic about a certain time of my life. However, I am having to contact old work acquaintances to get my resume updated and try for new jobs. This seems to relate to more of a spiritual growth and transformation then work – no pentacles are shown for example. Whatever it is seems pretty significant doesn’t it? I just wish I had a clue!


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