Smudging Feathers, Asking Owl

I worked with our turkey feathers again last night, smudging them with Sage to cleanse and re-energize them in a small ceremony with Grenwinae. For the ceremony, I used a green velvet table cloth, a shell from the river (Water), a rock carved into an Owl (Earth), the feathers (Air), and Fire was the sage stick. A ceramic bowl made by Grenwinae in years past was the crucible, filled with salt, which I anchored our smudge stick in for easy use by both of us.

During a short breathing meditation, I asked Owl for comments or suggestions:

1.) Good job on providing the bird feeders. Keep going with that.

2.) Definitely develop the back yard behind the deck into a wild/garden area this summer. Haven and ceremony area for sure.

3.) Owl doesn’t tell me what to do. I have free will. Owl is only there to aid in understanding my decisions or helping me through difficult times. I am responsible for my own decisions and what happens due to them. Owl doesn’t take responsibility for me giving notice at my job for example, but will be there to give me strength through the process.



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