Tarot Meditation – from the dark to the light

I wasn’t quite happy with the previous Mandala spread I had created from another reading. It seemed too stationary and didn’t quite tell the story.


I redid the spread, with more of the feeling of a tree – with a main trunk with branches – and with a feeling of movement. I also added another card and changed some of the groupings.


I added a card to the bottom portion, making a grouping wih the 6 of Cups (original spread), 6 of Wands and the 6 of Swords ~ their story is of past successes and victories, ending in a journey of emotional loss, that can be transformd with letting go of that history with Death.


With the endings (Death, original spread), I can move forward with the power of my will and confidene into a new creative phase with planning fresh work. The trunk evolves into Strength, taming the force of my emotions and The Empress juxtaposed with the Queen of Pentacles. The two ladies provide bounty and grounding with the Earthly realm all graced by The Sun.



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