Outline Schedule of our Couples Retreat

Of course, this is just a schedule based upon our own interests. Your own would be different but it gives you some ideas to play around with. The book I mentioned before The Magickal Retreat by Susan Pesznecker provided a great starting point too for making these plans.

Each day had a special significance so we started working with that. We wanted to also cover the four elements: Earth, Air, Fire and Water and do a special ceremony with each.

We also knew that with having a college aged son, high school daughter and a variety of pets, we couldn’ immediately just take “off.” We wanted details on meals planned as we would be bringing all the groceries in and reconnect with fixing our own food instead of eating out all the time. We also had some personal, physical activities planned and those have been removed from this public post to safeguard our privacy.

When planning time together: plan around meals as it does take time to fix food; have high energy exercises staggered with meditative time periods; if an exercise is emotionally draining have some time away from each other or something very low key schedule afterwards; and finally, build your retreat so it slowly increases in intensity and activities and then fall off at the end with time to contemplate.


Friday (May 24) – EARTH. A day for love, romance, friendship, relationships


The more we plan out and pack a day or so before the quicker we can get out of town! Car packed, groceries pre-made or bought etc…

Dogs boarded. Arrange pet sitter to check on cats for Saturday and Sunday.


Around 5-7 p.m. If late, have a late lunch so we can have time to re-group before dinner.

Threshold ~ Declaration of Intent. Grounding. Set protections (Sage and Lavender, bells). Joint ceremony, mostly led by Grenwinae who knows more about setting protections. It will be a good time for me to learn some too.

Reconnaissance nature walk – work out some of our pent up excitement!


RELATIONSHIP: What is our Foundation/History? Review photos, letters, and cards through the years. Work out a time table of events and how it changed our relationship. Where we were.

Cleansing Ritual with water 3x (hot tub). If bed weather, backup plan is indoor Jacuzzi tub. Mutual bathing and body exploration, grease paints, massage oil.

Evening dinner ~ Grilled Salmon with sauce, balsamic grilled veggies (green beans and mushrooms) and wild rice with wine. Chocolate covered strawberries or some other fancy dessert we got from town we can hand feed to each other. Focus on different textures, tastes.

** Meals are to be geared to returning us to good eating habits. Quality not quantity. Fixing it ourselves. Not heavily sauced, battered or sugary. Treats are acceptable but not gorging.


Saturday (25) – AIR. A day for tool crafting, creative work, protection, separation, resolution, banishing.

Leisurely wake up! We rarely get to “sleep” in anymore. Wake up when we WANT TOO!

Breakfast ~ Oatmeal with fruits, nuts, turbinado sugar

NATURE WALK: Birds, creatures of the air, nests, binoculars, birdseed offering, check out the property and find a place for our outdoor fantasy! Pack seeds and nuts for our snack.

BIRD MEDITATION/CRAFT ~ connecting with our bird guides through drawing, research, photos. We will have packed our own materials beforehand, focusing on our individual bird guides and decide a project for each (i.e. wand, windchime, drawing, art/craft, photo collage etc…).

A.M. CRAFT: Feather Fans. Grenwinae is doing the research on this craft beforehand.

Lunch ~ Cold ham, cheese varieties, apples, crackers, grapes with toasted crostini bread triangles. Coleslaw, homemade salsa, guacamole. Prepare before we leave or buy from local, upper end food stores.

FUN: Archery? Take that archery class at the parks dept. Can we rent equipment?

Dinner ~ Grilled Chicken with lime sauce, steamed or broiled broccoli, tomato and cucumber salad with garbanzo’s.

AIR CEREMONY ~ Look for a place with a view, high up? Cliff/bluff? SMUDGING FEATHERS ~ Jointly lead this ceremony. Use our feathers to help us work on releasing and letting go – what do we need to remove from our relationship? What do we need to rise above? Not only with each other but in our general lives.

FLIGHT DANCE & SONG ~ Incorporate bells, whistles and feathers. How do our birds move their wings? What noises do they make? Colors? Try to really get into this, express ourselves freely! Do we want to tie streamers to our arms for example? Make a song!

RELATIONSHIP: Blessing each other’s’ personal and couple goals, dreams and high aspirations. Athena will lead this ceremony/activity.

Sleep outside under the stars? star gazing, star maps and star stories. If we don’t want to do the whole night outside at least lay outside talking for a while and observing the night sky.


Sunday (26) – FIRE. A day for male energy day, peace, health, strength, Divine Power

SUN GREETING CEREMONY ~ led by Grenwinae. What times does the sun rise this day?

Breakfast ~ Egg and Cheese cups. Need a recipe to try out beforehand. Fresh pineapple slices with strawberries and blueberries.

NATURE WALK: Tree and Wood habitat exploration. Bring our id books and journals, camera.

CRAFT: Clay firing project  ~ Grenwinae is doing a test of this method before we go.  Craft to make clay medallions or other items. Gather beforehand images or symbols we would want to use on our project.

FUN: Build a sundial out of stones? Or at least a four direction compass rose.

Lunch ~ Cold chicken on Croissant Rolls (spinach leaves, tomato, cucumber) with cold pasta side salad and veggie chips.

CRAFT: Archetypical Outfit for noontime ceremony led by Grenwinae.

CEREMONY: Noon Sun energy ceremony led by Grenwinae.

Dinner ~ Steak, corn on the cob, grilled bell peppers

RELATIONSHIP: Gender Roles – what does Grenwinae perceive the female role is in our relationship? What does Athena perceive the Male role is in our relationship? How do we see the other manifesting the opposite of their gender role? Tarot cards to explore female/male energies and symbolism

FIRE CEREMONY – fire starters, fire salts, firepit, cook our dessert over the fire (foil packets?) before the fire salts as this can have poisonous consquences.


Monday (27) – WATER. A Moon Day, female energy day, beginnings and initiations

Breakfast ~ French Toast (day old Panera Bread), confectionary sugar, bacon, Agave and honey.

NATURE WALK: choose a trail at the water, exploring water habitats, kayaking or wading. Look for holey stones.

WATER BLESSING CEREMONY: ceremony led jointly. Focus the ceremony on change, cleansing and preparing for the Future. Make a waterwheel? Stick, reed, leaf boats?

Lunch ~ Fish tacos, coleslaw, and avocado. Chipotle sauce. Quality veggie chips. Pack this as a picnic lunch so we don’t have to come back to the cabin. Could we bring our small grill with charcoal to cook at the river?

CRAFT: Mask making –

EXERCISE: something exploring the rhythms of the moon’s phases. Participatory.

Dinner ~ Shrimp linguine, sun dried tomatoes, diced bell peppers, shaved carrots. Garlic crostinis with salsa.

SUNSET HONORING CEREMONY – led by Athena with night vigil until Midnight or 2 a.m. What time does the sun set on this day?

RELATIONSHIP: Discussion – Fears, loss, what we hide from each other, masks and facades we use for protection against others or even ourselves.  How a mask changes our appearance. What it hides? Inner and Outer selves. Needs for masks and time for removing masks.


Tuesday (28) – EARTH

Last chance to sleep in.

Breakfast ~ muffins

At least 1 hour individual meditation and journaling about our retreat.

Time to say goodbye. Pack car, clean up. Return Journey

Lunch ~  on the way home. Check messages. Pick up dogs.


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