Planning our couples retreat

After reading The Magickal Retreat by Pesznicker, I had a great idea that Grenwinae and I should plan a Couples Retreat. Here’s why: after 20 plus years together, through thick and thin, and some pretty good challenges, we’ve both worked on our relationship a LOT. We’ve had a time in counseling, shared confidences and experimented with the physical side of our relationship too.

At this point, finding a book that talks about deepening a couple’s relationship or buying a deck of sex questions really doesn’t cut it! We need something suited for people who have been together a LONG time; a couple that knows a lot about each other already – even some very deep feelings and secrets. Playing fluffy games of rolling fuzzy dice and playing strip poker isn’t going to take us to new heights…. 😛

With this book, geared towards the individual, we both came up with a 5-day Retreat that would focus on looking back and looking forward. We wanted to go late enough in the spring we could do activities in the water, and early enough in the summer that we didn’t burn up with heat. We also needed to schedule when we could get kids and pets taken care of. With vacation leave being skimpy after Grenwinae’s hospital stay, we thought Memorial Day weekend would be a good time.

I’ll share some of it with you….



May 25th is a full moon, Saturday; May 27th is Memorial Day, Monday
June 21st is the Solstice and June 23rd is the full moon.


Isolated remote cabin rental on 20 acres of land, including private river access. About 2 hours away.

Practical matters:

Horse care – Roundbale hay delivery. Large water tanks. Sitter on Sunday and Monday.
Cats – timed feeder
Dogs – boarded at kennel
Kids – Daughter to grandparents.


Grenwinae’s Journal and Athena’s  Journal, pencils, extra paper, markers and/or craft paper

Athena’s backpack, Whistles (2), Binoculars (2), Tree and Bird ID books, GPS or compass

Flashlights (2) with spare batteries, camera with batteries

Basic first aid kit with medicines (Aleve, Zyrtec, bandaids, tweezers, nail clippers)

Toasting dinner glasses

Water clothes and shoes. Kayaks?

Star locator software? Or hand guide

Feather Fan materials, feathers, etc… Boxes, raw silk, lavender and sage for feather storage

Massage oil, body paint/crayons, Tantra books

Archery equipment?

MP3 player and player

Ground cloth/blanket and Yoga Mats, Sleeping bags/air mattress?

Plant clippers and/or knife.

Tarot cards, bells, whistles, music makers, sage and lavender bundles, incense and lighter, salt, “cauldrons”, sand, Birdseed offering, Archetypical outfit and mask materials (made before? How much), etc.. Make a complete list for each ceremony so we can doublecheck. Once we get there, there is no going to the store!

The next entry will show a brief outline of some things we have planned. This isn’t the complete list as some information is too private to share 🙂


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