More Cooper Hawks

I’ve had several recent encounters with hawks. I believe it is the Coopers Hawk – as the other hawk Cooper is often mistaken for, the Sharp Shinned Hawk, is not in this area during the winter.

The first sighting was out the back door. Grenwinae had noticed a hawk in the back woods one day but didn’t get a close look and I didn’t see it at all.

On Saturday, this hawk was sitting on a branch of one of the trees easily seen off our back porch. Considering that it was a wooded area (not open plans), he had a dark head, and was not at all red (i.e. Red Tailed Hawk) I do believe it was a Cooper. When I went out the back porch, all the smaller birds that had been frequenting the bird feeder were gone (and they serve as prey to the Coopers Hawk).

He was a large bird. It always surprises me as they seem smaller in photos.

Coming into town on Monday, saw a raptor in flight, crossed the road. He had the same barred patterns that I had noticed on my other Cooper Hawk sighting but he seemed smaller. He passed too quickly for me to be sure on identification but I’m going with that.

Tuesday saw a hawk sitting on a bush, much lower then usual. Do I need to take a close up look of something?

Job interview this Thursday. Hope they are sending me some strong power.


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