Asking the Guides for Clarification and Messages

On the way home yesterday I had an amazing encounter! On the highway, a hawk suddenly took off from his perch and started pacing my vehicle! If someone had been sitting on the passenger side they could have rolled down the window and touched the wings! It was an amazing view, and I slowed down the car to his speed for a bit to admire it.

He had a black head, the top of his wings were black and his bottom white (counter shading).

Thank you Hawk friend! Good hunting!


With this so obvious call to my attention, I did another candle meditation, thanking my animal guides, Owl and Hawk, for their recent support and signs. I also asked them to clarify what their advice was:

1.) You have the skills, don’t sweat it so much. Most of the hawks I’ve seen recently have been gliding, using the air thermals to keep them aloft.

2.) Stay focused. I might need a closer view of what is happening.

3.) Take it. One hawk had just caught prey. I’ve caught this job interview and I will catch another if need be.

4) Use the Light. The last message wasn’t clear to me but rather mysterious. Was it a light at the end of the tunnel? The light of knowledge? Hm….


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