Job hunting… The Labyrinth’s Journey

Interviewed for a job. Don’t think I’ll make the first cut though the interview overall I think went well. No hawks on the highway up and only sighting was a dead raptor, hit by a car, on the side of the road coming home. So yeah, not thinking I’ll get the call back for the second interview.

When I did the candle meditation, I also worked with the metal finger Labyrinth I have. Traveling back and forth, in and out, I was really struck by the repetitive nature of the movement – folding upon itself and traveling further in – or further out so the exact path isn’t traveled again, but yet it is the same.


I selected a group of Tarot cards that I felt spoke to me about what has been happening on my job hunt. Generally, if I had laid out cards randomly they wouldn’t fit into what I think as snug as the following sequences.

The Journey – starting on the path


0 The Fool – I strike out with high hopes – and a naïve belief about my future job hunting prospects. Going forth with no knowledge of what it will take to get there or where I’m going. I selected this card because I did have some naïve ideas about the job hunting process but also a renewed, childlike acceptance and joy about  taking the path. I also didn’t know exactly where or what type of job I wanted or would get.

17 The Star – Faith and Trust is poured from the pitchers and it’s a dream of wishes. High aspirations.

Queen of Wands – the Significator card I often choose to represent myself. A confident woman with fire, drive and will. An action oriented personality that just does it – at this point my journey is being powered by my passion and drive to get started and see results.

8 of Pentacles – I start fashioning together my resumes, portfolios and putting together materials to send out and show during interviews. Attention needed to be paid to details and some things need to be re-worked.

Questing isn’t as easy as the Fool thought…


8 of Swords – As I send out resume after resume, with no response, I feel like I’m making no progress. I do feel blindfolded, not knowing what else I can do to get things moving. Helplessness is not an emotion I feel very comfortable with at all. I’m stymied about what direction I should go with my job hunt.

7 of Cups – As jobs appear, many seem to be false paths. Dreams and desires may not be the real thing that I want or value. One job offer I decline. I actually feel this is an indication of personal growth as the job would not have suited me long term and was the wrong job at the wrong time.

7 of Wands – Defensiveness. The Wands are about conflict, usually enjoyable, because of the nature of Wands but here I feel that my lack of recent work history is putting me in a bad position.

8 Strength – Even though I’ve had emotional ups and downs, I’m still calling on my strength and power to get me through. Despite it all, I need to keep job hunting, keep sending out resumes, keep building my online presence and keep searching for the job that would be my ideal one.

Gaining Self Knowledge in the bowels of the Labyrinth


3 of Swords – As I realize the important financial ramifications of finding a job (i.e. being able to get the house finished so it can go on the market, fund my children’s college), I realize the damaging self-truth of how much pressure I’ve put Grenwinae through these years as the primary breadwinner. I had to face the self-knowledge of excuses I made in the past for not working, that I actually like the freedom of not being he primary breadwinner, and how this is all gotten us in the pickle we are in today. Truth can pierce our heart.

3 of Pentacles – a small commission (the job at the Vet clinic) brings some relief.

5 of Cups – Jobs which I felt sure I would be called in for an interview don’t materialize.

Queen of Swords – The Queen of Wands has become Queen of Swords. The Queen of Swords deals with communication: my job field. Experience, self-knowledge and loss have made me wiser. I realize that it’s not going to be as easy as I thought. Coming up with a more comprehensive plan is needed for success.

Contemplation of the Knowledge gained so far….


Knowing what I know now, I expect this path of cards to be repeated several times before the end of the Quest (a job) is reached.

9 The Hermit – with self-discovery, I need to retreat and contemplate the knowledge I have learned. I need to listen to my own inner wisdom and light my path from within. My Animals Guides tell me to recognize my self-knowledge: I have the skills and intelligence to do what I need to do.

7 of Pentacles – Combined with the Hermit, it’s time to look back on what I’ve done what I’ve put together and accomplished. Is it enough? Do I need to do more? How, and with what, can I nourish my job hunt to make it a harvest?

5 Wheel of Fortune – A card of chance – things will change because that is the way of life. Opportunities and possibilities will be offered. I have my own free will to determine what I do when the wheel spins.

5 of Wands – I picked this card to reinforce the conflict and competition I will face along the job hunt. It’s not a death match. I do have some wiggle room as Grenwinae is still the breadwinner but I also need to realize that others may not hold back. We all want to win!

Success… exiting the Labyrinth into the Light


I haven’t reached the entrance out of the labyrinth yet. For me, it will appear in these cards…


1 The Magician – I have the necessary skills and knowledge to create change. I can combine what is above with what is below and serve as a safe and commanding conduit for these powers. This is card of mastery of the outer and inner forces, the spiritual and the earthly.

Queen of Cups – from force and will, to wisdom and experience, the Queen has used her creative intuition and her skill with people to achieve mastery.

14 Temperance – Finally things come together – almost magically simplistic and easy – the right thing at the right time at the right place with the right. For me, I want to mix the right amounts of work, family and play into my life. Finding a job isn’t what I desire – finding the right job that provides the right thing is. Interestingly enough, I picked this card not knowing  #14 is associated with Hawks.

10 of Pentacles – Looking back – looking forward. Enjoying the today of family life and financial abundance. The cycle of a life with maturity, balance, security and stability.


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