Turkey Vulture and Wild Turkey

I noticed that Turkey Vulture had returned to the area and begun the usual road cleanup. Turkey Vulture should get a salary from the MO-DOT for all they work they do!

I’ve been wanting some feathers from Turkey Vulture for a few months now. After reading about Turkey Vulture and realizing that I was in the midst of my own death/rebirth cycle I felt those feathers could really aid me through this time. But I wasn’t going to hunt down a Turkey Vulture to get them.

Last week, when I came home, three Turkey Vultures spiraled above my head. One came down quite close to where I was standing. I felt there was an opening up to communicate between us.

Yesterday, I took my mare ZZ down into the National Forest across the road. It’s part of getting her back to training and on our walk I found two feathers! I am pretty sure they are from Turkey Vulture due to the size and color, as well as finding them near a large bone – possibly a deer femur that had been stripped of flesh.


Wildspeak’s website re: Turkey Vulture

Animal Spirit Totems: Birds

Some interesting perspectives on Vultures

More information about Vultures

Keen smell and eyesight

Flies high, using wind thermals and the sun to achieve easy and long glides.

It’s wings can reach above it’s shoulders (hawks do not) allowing for powerful wing strokes.

Often seen as the guides for the dead. Understanding of the cycle of death and rebirth.

To be noticed for what is within, not without.

Conservation of energy and using what is around you. Knowing what is needed and what is not.


We finished a circuit up through open pastures and saw two Wild Turkey’s taking off up the slope from our approach. The next day I saw another Wild Turkey as I was coming into town.

I’ve seen plenty of Wild Turkey’s around Missouri as they seem pretty bold but this is the first time I’ve seen Wild-Wild Turkey’s and not Urban converts.

Wild Turkey were the first feathers I collected and smudged.

Wildspeak’s website re: Wild Turkey

About Turkey and giving

Preserving energy and using it in the right short burst

Cunning and eludes capture Can change direction mid flight

A talkative bird

Sacrifice for the greater good, Blessings and Gratitude


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