Groundhog is emerging

Last winter I saw groundhogs (aka woodchucks) at several different times. Within the last 10 days I spotted two others. Both on the highway at different locations. I think one looked a little sleepy from waking up….


It’s time to come out of hibernation and be active. A new season after hibernation.

What was inside me during the winter time (the letting go, death and transformation) will soon become have outward results.

After mating, new kits are born within 4 weeks. 4 weeks later they emerge from the tunnels.

I think the next 8 weeks will be important – and that something will be born in 4 weeks, reaching some sort of maturation in another 4, and take 2 years to fully develop it’s independent. Hopefully, this means a job that leads to something else in 2 years which is rather my mental time frame of what I would like to see happen.

Work on my meditation – dig deeper and let the old go.

Make alternate entrances and exits – branch out with my networking – go underground. Make sure I have different plans mapped out. When one doesn’t work out, find or make another.

Look for a whistle – both the Barred Owl and the Woodchuck use their voice. Brigid is connected to whistles as is the Woodchuck.

A really neat article about Groundhogs as totem or spirit animals.

Tarot cards: 8 of Pentacles, 8 of Swords, 8 of Wands and 8- Strength used.


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