Rabbit asks for Sanctuary

We’ve seen several rabbits on the property. The first time I noticed one was when I went to the back to do a meditation under two Oak trees. I didn’t know what type of rabbit he was at the time but discovered that he is a Swamp Rabbit. Most likely he is the rabbit that showed up on Sunday.

On Sunday, one showed up right under the bird feeder at the corner of our deck and wouldn’t leave. Physically, he appeared in good health except he had wet tail and was very lethargic. For a wild rabbit he is letting the humans get way too close. Monday, I sat on the porch and tried to send him healing energy, letting him know that he could be save here, whatever Spirit chose to do. I get the feeling he knows we are trying to help him but he seems very tired and indrawn.

We are both trying to send him healing energy; Grenwinae worked with our Turkey feather and I used my recently found Turkey Vulture feather. However, I am worried about the outcome of this situation as he is eating very little.

Grenwinae states that if an animal comes to share his death with you, it is a very powerful gift. I would rather the rabbit get healthy and hop off to enjoy the spring weather instead.


I was wondering how I could help, and in Shamanism (Tim Cowan) goes into Power Animals in Chapter Two. He also has some advice about using your power animal to heal. That was heavy on my mind when I went to sleep Monday night.


I did have a dream. At first, I could see Turkey Vultures gliding across the sky. They were not close but not too far. The underneath of their wings is a two tone shade of black to gray. With their massive wingspan, and V-shape flying pattern they are easy to identify.

I looked even higher into the sky and I saw two other birds, flying together. I strained and strained to see what they were. At first their wings seemed to be the checkered pattern of the Cooper Hawk, but the feathers became a silver and then a blinding white as the sun brightened their forms. Their heads were white and the yellow beak of the Bald Eagle.

Soon the light brightened and it swallowed them and they were gone.

Tuesday I didn’t see our rabbit at all. I hope he has completed whatever journey he began in peace.


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