Clearing the air

We’ve had a lot of funkiness happening. Grenwinae was driving our black Blazer when he was hit by a young man in another car who was taking a left in front of him. The car is going to be totaled and we will receive less then we should on it from the other driver’s insurance company.

It just seemed we needed to clear the air. Grenwinae was gifted last weekend with a cedar staff and so I asked him to do a ceremony for us. We have been using an area off our back deck, between two large Oak trees. I was sitting there last month doing a meditation when I saw Rabbit for the first time. I also did an Owl Ceremony at this spot and have plans to put in some native bushes and plants to aid the animals.

You can always count on Grenwinae to shift energy around. When we came into town afterwards we heard that the IRS refund was on it’s way and should arrive tomorrow! Thanks Spirit!


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