Honoring Coopers Hawk

Yesterday, on the road I passed a dead raptor. I thought about stopping to dispose of him but didn’t as it was on a curve with little shoulder. Then I had to come home again, and passed him again, noting a place I could pull off and safely park. The feeling I should do something before his remains were smashed by cars became stronger.

With Grenwinae’s help we safely got the body loaded into a clean bag to take home (the same day I did this someone was killed trying to help a dying rabbit on the highway – and was a reminder to me not to take needless risks or if taking a risk, do it in a smart manner).

At home, I discovered he was a Cooper’s Hawk. Last night we did a fire ceremony to send him off on his journey – thanking Coopers Hawk for giving me an amazing view and for lessons about winning, losing, life and death.

Ashes to earth, and smoke to the sky.

Fare thee well, Hawk Spirit.


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