Dream – messages

Thursday morning I had a dream. As Grenwinae likes to state I have a rich dream life, I often dream in color with a lot of symbolism and a story plot. Here is the dream:


While the dream begins, a clear gender-neutral voice states in my head: You wanted a Shamanic dream, here it is (I had recently been reading Grenwinae’s books about the differences between meditation and trances, thinking I would never have a trance experience).

I am traveling down a hallway looking for an entrance to our house in Oklahoma (where our son, attending junior college, lives). The doors open into various offices much like a college building housing professor offices (I am currently researching son’s possible transfer colleges).

I enter the room and the dream’s intensity changes. The room itself is larger than I would expect and the walls are all lined with books, mostly older hardback covered ones with an aged feel.  The shelves go from floor to ceiling.

In one corner of the room is a television tuned on. A child is sitting cross legged in front of the television and is watching it. The screen is very bright but I can’t see what is on the television and the noise it is making is low.

I realize that I am there to give a message to Dr. D (one of the two veterinarians, I recently worked for as a receptionist).  A person comes up to me on my left and tells me he can take a message. He is almost shadowlike and not well defined.  I have a feeling of distaste or dislike towards this person (one of the two receptionists that replaced me, I did not like).

I tell the person I need to give her the message in person. He (It?) insists it will take the message. I take the pad and paper out of his hand and write my own message: “Dr. D I need to speak with you. Please call me.”

There is a huge plate glass window looking out to a courtyard. Again, it’s very much like a college commons with a huge expanse of grass, mature trees, and a few people walking down the sidewalks. The sky is a light blue with soft white clouds.


Generally, in my dreams, I can shape them or wake up from them. This dream was unusual that I could do neither. I knew that it was incredibly important that I talk to Dr. D and that I was being kept in the room by an outside force to leave that message.

Of course there’s a lot of symbolism in the dream – the books, the place of knowledge, the child that is ignoring me, etc… but here is what I wanted to add at this point. Friday at lunch I got a call from the Vet clinic from the other doctor, Dr. H.

He wants me to come back and help them temporarily because one of the receptionists’ didn’t’ work out (not the one I disliked, the other, fluffy-headed one). I’ve agreed to come back on Monday and Tuesday – most likely will work Wednesday.


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