Another Dream: Rabbit is Devoured

In real time, I’ve been called back to my old job to fill in temporarily. I had quit because I felt like the job was very destructive and I was being eaten alive by uncaring people. The night of Owl’s ceremony I had another dream. It was an average dream but I think the symbolism is important enough a message from the unconscious to post it here for remembrance.

I was back at the job. Instead of a vet clinic, it was a fast food diner. I was taking orders, checking people out at the register and I also had to cook! This was a reminder of how the job was an intense juggling act of multitasking. Almost an impossible job!

A couple, man and woman, had brought in a rabbit (who looked just like Swamp Rabbit) and wanted us to butcher and cook it for them!

Dr. H did butcher it and prepare it for them.

In reality, this would never happen, but it serves as symbol.  I need to be aware that my soul can be sacrificed! I need to keep Owl’s boundaries up, remember Owl’s lessons of silent strength and protect my Rabbit’s soul.


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