Building Rabbit a Force Field

After the dream of Rabbit being served up for lunch, and knowing I was re-entering a hostile work environment again, I decided Rabbit needed some protection.

I decided to do a meditation – visualization exercise: I imagined a spherical force field surrounding Swamp Rabbit. Rabbit could move, hop, eat, run or do whatever Rabbit wanted but anything destructive or aggressive would not be able to enter. Arrows bounced off. When hurtful words touched the field, they burned up. Rocks turned to water.

Anything beneficial could easily enter the field: food, sunshine, etc…

I imagined myself outside of the ball and it looked like a soap bubble with some iridescence. I imagined myself inside, looking out and there was a clear view, with just a glimmer of iridescent shine. Kinda like a hamster ball for Rabbits!

In the morning, I touched Owl’s rock and imagined myself sinking into the ground: stable and strong.


Yesterday, there was a fracas at work. I took a deep breath and just offered my opinion. Things worked out and everything calmed down. I’ll continue to do this meditation daily – centering myself in the force field bubble and grounding myself.

P.S. A great book I got Grenwinae you might like to check out is Psychic Protections by William Bloom. This book is open to all paths and doesn’t deal with spells but more about energy, meditations, and visualizations to empower yourself.


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