Druid Animal Oracle Deck


I’ve been researching a new Tarot or Oracle deck. I wanted one with animals and after reading a lot of reviews at Amazon.com and other websites, I chose the Druid Animal Oracle. After getting it home, and opening it up, I have to write it’s fantastic.

The cards are beautifully illustrated and one reason I chose this deck as it had animals familiar to my North American area. I really didn’t want to pursue a deck with giraffes and zebras for instance, as I wanted to connect with animals that I had the possibility of seeing.

The cards were larger than I was expecting and comes with a dark blue cloth, imprinted with a border design. It also gives you three blank cards which would be cool to add any personal animals not in the deck.

From the amazon reviews some people complained about the Druid commentary in the accompanying book. I actually didn’t find this an issue – I mean what would you expect from something called the Druid Oracle? Also, the myth discussion just added an extra layer to animal meanings.


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