Spirit makes Itself Known

The last weekend was very busy with Spirit. Coming home Thursday, I passed two spiraling hawks over a grove of woods. I think they were Cooper Hawks.


The back of the property is a boundary area between the house and the back 60 acre wood. The leaf litter had been left for so long it was about calf to knee high. It presented a large fire hazard and I could either mulch or burn it. With the recent heavy rain it was safe to do a controlled burn and so we started last weekend.


If I have a covenant with the Birds, we are developing one with the Forest. If we remove, we must replenish.After cutting down several trees last weekend that were diseased or ill placed, we bought several native bushes which is beneficial to wildlife.

On the way home from the plant stores, we first had to slow down to let a Wild Turkey cross the road. We told him that hunting season had begun and he needed to be careful. He got agitated, turned back and then flew back into the woods where he emerged.

Turkey’s message was probably for Grenwinae as he seems to be connecting with him more. I reminded Grenwinae that he needed to do a protection ceremony for Turkey.

Than we passed four, Black Vulture’s roosted in a tree on the left side of the road. Since the Black Vulture isn’t supposed to be in this area, I turned around and did another pass through. Sure enough they were four Black Vultures. Juvenile Turkey Vultures have a gray head but a brown to black body and these were a deep black. The Black Vulture relies upon eyesight rather than smell like the Turkey Vulture. He is more social and likes to live in a community, preening and roosting together.

Black Vultures message: reminding me to seek out community support (or family) from those seeking or believing the same. The number 4 relates to stability.

Back home, while working in the backyard area, I kept thinking I saw movement out of the corner of my eye. As I bent over to twist on the hose, it seemed like something touched me on the back of my left hip; the sensation was so strong that I yelped and quickly stood up. Grenwinae told me later that last weekend he had some of the same experiences of seeing something out of the corner of his eye but didn’t say anything as he thought it might be his imagination.

When we finished a ceremony for Cardinal and buried him under the newly planted Hazelnut bush we headed back up to the front deck. While sitting there, relaxing, I spotted a hawk in the woods across the road. I’m pretty sure it was a Cooper’s Hawk as he had the dark blue gray back and striped tail feathers.


Sunday, while working in the back, a Coopers’ Hawk flew over our heads, landing in a tree close by before circling southward around the house.


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