Red Ribbon Daughter Dream

I had a dream about our daughter. When I woke up it was with her name firmly in my mind with the image of drawing a red ribbon in a large space around her for protection (?). I told her about it and she laughed it off. Two days later she came to me and confessed some stuff, crying. I think I knew subliminally that something was wrong and maybe Spirit just nudged it to the surface.


I’ve felt for some time that daughter was not adjusting well to this move. My first impulse was to tell her (and I did) to suck it up. We had moved and I was tired of having to adjust MY life to kids and what they wanted.

However, as it drew closer to the end of the year, I just kept feeling in the back of my mind that she was not adjusting and her unhappiness was deepening. This dream was the unconscious, or whatever part is my Owl-sense, to let me know that she was definitely in trouble and I, as mother, would need to figure out what we could do to provide her what she needed.


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