Coming to grip with Cooper’s Hawk

Because Cooper’s Hawk seems to be very active in my life, I’ve been doing some online research and have come up with disappointment. Most of the online websites just copy information out of Ted Andrews Animal Speak or Animal-Wise books, or steals information from D.J. Conway or Steven Farmer’s books.

(Why I write steal is because these websites are quoting passages that far exceed the fair use policy of quoting a copyrighted work. Personally, if I was one of these authors I would be rather angry about it. Okay but that is neither here nor there on what I was going to write about.)

Ted Andrews provides information about common animals but he also states that you have to develop a relationship with that animal. At first, the tease in his book about this irritated me. I just wanted to know HOW and WHAT I should be doing!!

However, the more I’ve thought about it, the more I realize that it will be my personal viewpoint, and how I view the connection to my personal power animal that will shape the relationship. For example, how I approach my work with Owl and Hawk is very different than how Grenwinae does his work with Spider and Swallow.

When Cooper’s Hawk flew over Grenwinae’s head last weekend, at the time we just admired his beauty. The following Monday, Grenwinae had an “out of nowhere”, Blitzkrieg attack from a concealed foe upon his work. I got to thinking about Cooper’s Hawk camouflage which is counter shading: the bottom is light, the top is dark. This disguises his presence in the forest, as it fools the eye into not seeing the object as a shape (a “real” object would have light on the top from the sun and be dark on the bottom).

Were we being given a precognitive warning? Or, after the event, looking back, did Cooper’s Hawk give me insight into the prey and predator dynamic? Either could be valid. Cooper’s Hawk is not only about what I can become (disguising myself, striking the target, relentless win attitude) but what could happen to me (attacks from a well concealed foe). His essence is to connect me with the primal forces of nature that repeat themselves in my human life.

I’ve also had a mulling over about what I hope to achieve from my own spiritual quest. My interest does not lie in Wicca. Nor does it actually lie in Druidism. I have no interest in worshipping deities or praying to them; I actually find that very uncomfortable because I do not believe that the Universe was created by some conscious entity that directed the whole process.

For me, I am far more comfortable with the belief of natural forces, many too vast for our human comprehension, that (as humans) we have to put a face onto that speaks to our psychological and unconscious minds.

It doesn’t make them any less meaningful, mysterious or spiritual. Actually, I consider Nature to be the wellspring of All.


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