Pony is slaughtered


I had a dream this morning that pony was slaughtered. This isn’t the first time that I’ve dreamed of something catastrophic happening to my horses and pony has figured significantly in quite a few. I don’t believe this is a prophetic dream of disaster but rather a dream revealing symbols and where I am in my life as Pony has often figured as a representation of myself, and in one former dream, my precious soul.

Pony was attacked by 64 assassins (6+4=10=1) hired by an enemy who I had insulted (gossip?). Her throat was cut and though I found her alive, I made the choice to have her euthanized. Z survived but was badly slashed all over her body.

Pony had her throat cut which can be symbolically tied to the throat and voice. While I know we need money which would come with me working, I’m not getting the calls back on the job hunt. Issues with daughter and son are also needing my attention and time.

Right now I do think I’m being attacked by life events. I feel like my life is in disruption. Things are very uncertain.


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