Druid Animal Oracle: Grenwinaes job situation

Grenwinae had a recent, year-end review at work. It did not go as we expected. Actually, it was downright unfair. After discussing it, as well as other events that have taken place at his work over the last six months, we have decided to pick up stakes and return to Oklahoma.


I did a 3-card reading for him from the Druid Oracle Cards:

The first card is the situation: the Bee, reversed. Could this be any louder? The hive of activity has been completely smashed. Disorder is rampant. Work is upside down with the revelations in the review that someone on his team has spread hurtful, and untrue, gossip. My worker bee spouse is confused about what is his place, if he has any place, in the hive.

The second card is the obstacles and challenges: the Water Dragon, reversed. The Water Drake recently came to Grenwinae as a Power, seeing it reversed is definitely a warning.

The Water Dragon reversed is to be cautious of allowing too much of the unconscious – emotions, feelings and past hurt – to overwhelm you. This could be about his hurt from the review and the gossip mongering.

We do have a harsh history about past separations that fostered terrible resentments with me and showed the fractures in our relationship. We need to be careful and not let the past mistakes and history enter into today’s decisions.

The third card is the forces he can work with:  the Hind, reversed. It is time for him to root himself in the real world. The Otherworld will always be there for him but for now, the mundane of accomplishments, job hunting, networking and employment has to be the primary focus of his energy. Don’t be straying off into the woods, chasing a white hind!


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