A Dream of White Rabbits


The sleep cycle after my day of meditation, I had the following dream:

Grenwinae and I were the Oklahoma house in the garage. For some reason there were rabbits in the garage and in the car. They seemed to be everywhere!

At one point Grenwinae picked up one of the rabbits. He was insisting that it was a Swamp Rabbit, but I told him no, it was a white rabbit.

I woke up with the knowledge that there had been 7 rabbits.

Seven and white are mystical and connections to the Divine. Rabbits are about abundance, fertility, cycles of quick, sudden changes and being able to react. Since we are both job hunting and planning on moving I think we are looking at things moving quickly.

I hope I’m not wrong as I want to get our life organized and have us all together in the same home.

P.S. if this is your art, please let me know!


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