May Esbat meditation: Owl speaks!

My original plan was to go have a couples retreat this weekend. Due to financial reasons that had to be postponed so we are both thinking we will plan for it in the fall – like September or October. This decision, made out of necessity, was not exactly a happy decision to make however too much is happening right now for us to take that much time off.

I was determined to do at least a meditation for the full moon. We started out in the front yard but the noise from the park across the street was way irritating and not conducive to meditation. While sitting in the front, I heard Owl hoot in the SW corner, off the property. I felt Owl was telling me to move to the back yard so off we went.

All went fine except for the wet, soggy caterpillars who kept falling on us!

Intuitive thoughts:

1.) I need to remember to live in today, not worry about tomorrow. This is especially important as we have some very large bills that are starting to cause difficulties.

2.) We made a commitment to the land and must carry through on those promises such as: watering the new bushes (wildlife friendly) we put in the backyard; vegetable garden; doing a protection ritual on the property; and feeding the birds. When we say goodbye I want to cast out a lot of wildlife seed that hopefully will come the next year.

3.) I felt the trees wanted to say something. Grenwinae told me they wanted us to hold our family and keep our roots deep.

4.) I also felt Grenwinae needed to work on his Throat Chakra during this period of job hunting. He needs to be encouraged with some Athena Owl magic to persuade and enchant others with this voice!

5.) Due to recent discussions I also wanted to focus on Grenwinae asking the forces for the right job at the right time and instead of a specific job. After all that “one” job may not be THE job for him!

Owl was quite talkative through the evening. His position in the past was the SE corner but Owl had moved to SW so I looked up directional meanings:

The South – element of Fire. Physical Action and Movement. Red and Orange. Suite of Wands. Fire is the destroyer and a creator. Love, Passion, Sexuality. Overall, I have our partnership deepening with our time at the country house.

The East – element of Air. Mental Activity. Yellow and White. Suit of Swords. Divination, teaching, communication. I’ve been in learning mode since arriving here – not only with working again, but also viewing past history with new insights, and my the pagan path has opened to me due to my ongoing connection with the Wild.

The West – element of Water. Emotions. Blue. Suit of Cups. Cleansing and purification. Judging, grounding and balance. Emotions of worry and loss are already rising in me as I face leaving Grenwinae next week and possibly being separated for several months until he is able to find work where I am located at.

To me, it would appear that the powers have shifted. I’ve moved from a time of learning and using my head, to dealing with my emotions. Balancing work, family and my own self, has been a re-occurring theme so I believe I need to pay special attention to this as the next few months unfold.

Next Esbat is June 23rd.


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