I’ve gotten the point, truly

Turkey Vulture has been checking on me each morning. Driving this morning, a Turkey Vulture was slow to lift from the road and I had to slow down significantly to let him fly over the hood of my car.

YES I GET IT! I’m dying and transforming…

And while intellectually, I accept the process, emotionally it sucks. My nature is to struggle, breaking my wing in the net, or chewing my leg off in the trap, while I wave a fist at the sky. It’s just the bitchy, fighter genetics I’ve inherited. Acceptance means submission and giving in; I don’t submit easily and right now I’m struggling with doing all this gracefully and often losing the battle.


I bought a Griffin carved in Red Jasper. As soon as I picked it up it felt cool and right in my hand. Vultures were often thought of being Griffins so this is a good tool for my time right now. I bought a long wooden box to store my essential oils and bought Cinnamon Leaf Oil (money and prosperity) and Cypress, to aid the grieving, sacrifices and loss.

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