Druid Animal Oracle: Daughters needs


A few days ago I asked the Druid Oracle Cards “what does my daughter need now?” in preparation for her returning to Oklahoma.

The first card was the Sow. Our daughter is surrounded by everything she needs and she can be reassured that the universe will provide. Her community support system is waiting in abundance. The sow, Henwen, ate beechnuts from a tree thought to hold ancient knowledge and wisdom and this parallels the next card…

The second was the Salmon. Very apropos, as she is returning to the city of her birth and where she lived for 14 years. The Salmon ate the hazelnut of wisdom and is the oldest animal in the Druid pantheon. The salmon, often with difficulty, returns to the place of its birth. It also reminds us to face the past with openness and innocence instead of judging and stubbornness.

Daughter needs to take her lessons learned in Missouri and apply them in Oklahoma. This is a huge issue for her because she is an “out of sight, out of mind” about any problem or negative in her life.

The third card was the Wolf. Daughter is a bit of a loner. She likes activities like reading and drawing. She finds herself different from others and one of the problems at her former school was a lack of acceptance because of her unique interests and talents.

This card shows that wherever she goes she will bring her strong sense of self, independence and a need to have alone time. It may also indicate that she will never fit in completely with her peers or that her individualism will continue to be an obstacle if she wants a sense of belonging.


I’m really loving this deck as it is speaking to me and the readings seem to be very clear in terms of meanings. My plan is to get their Druid Plant Oracle deck and to combine them for even more in-depth readings. Highly recommend this deck if you are a nature lover or use animal guides (although the animals are traditional ones found in Druidery, no rhinoceroses here).


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