Rabbits, rabbits everywhere

We have a group of yearling cotton tail rabbits
who were playing tag in the backyard (Oklahoma house);

and while I was telling Grenwinae over the phone about them,
a cottontail went across the road (Missouri);

When he got home, one of our Corgi’s flushed a rabbit
(he thinks it was a Swamp Rabbit).



We’ve been plagued with a bunch of things that need to be done. Just got the upstairs AC replaced and now the bottom AC needs to be replaced too (we have a two story house). I am still paying on the hospital bill, have to pay off son’s teeth (he’s on the end of his Invisalign braces), and pay off a bill I let go too long on one of my horses.

Right now Grenwinae has his iron in many fires: resumes with three different companies and a fourth he interviewed today (which we already agreed he would decline because of who it is with – the evil GMO empire).


I’m hoping the bunnies are foretelling many opportunities and not disasters.
I’ll do a little thank you meditation to rabbit tonight.


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