Asking opens a dangerous door

I was impressed by Grenwinae’s energy work that brought the news of the much needed IRS return (let me be clear – I KNEW we were going to get the money as the return had been approved but it came quicker than we expected) that I thought he might want to try something else to increase his chances of being offered the right job.

When I stumbled across these two posts (one and two) by the website Ravenandcrone I thought it might be fun to send them to him. I also found this video blog post very interesting about abundance and prosperity by Sage Goddess.

Neither he or I do spells per se. I focus on meditation and trying to open myself up to messages and he likes to… well go on shamanic journeys.

In some ways I am faced with a moral dilemma when it comes to spells:

1.) I believe in free will so I would never do anything that would remove that from another person (i.e. love spell directed at a specific person to turn their affections to me);

2.) A belief that the universe should direct it’s will in the natural course of direction without my interference or influence;

3.) I would rather concentrate on abundance and prosperity than money as money isn’t all that when it comes to what I eventually want;

4.) Do I deserve it? Right that mom-guilt I’ll always carry;

5.) Is this a gift that will come at a cost?

6.) I do not consider myself a witch and I’m definitely not Wiccan. I don’t cast circles and rarely make rhymes;

7.) ….yet, I do believe in setting intent in order to focus your own energies, mind and heart towards your goal. There are too many stories of the athlete who succeeded against all odds just due to sheer focus for us to discount the real strength of using all of our abilities and mindfulness towards a goal.

I don’t think I can believe in any sort of deity offering aid (after all the Christian God was about 40 years late on granting me that pony I prayed for every night when I was child) because if I was deity I think I would be too busy doing whatever…

But, don’t we all make our own luck? One way or another…?

A wonderful post about magic (which I agree with 100 percent) is right here at the Spiritual Atheist Witch blog.


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