head games

I’ve had some strange things happen to me recently. To understand how strange you have to first understand that my brothers think I’m practical and a “realist.” These were not words that were given to me in a complimentary manner. I am not seen as creative, a dreamer or imaginative by any of my four siblings, or in that fact, by anyone.


About the first week into the job, I was sitting at a back computer that accesses a hallway. I was concentrating on a computer task, trying to figure something out when I heard someone call my name. They used my first name in it’s nickname form and it carried no emotional weight. It just said my name.

I registered it mentally but continued working, figuring that anyone who wanted me at the front of the office would call me again. Indeed. The voice called me again. The inflection was monotone but clearly my name.


I rolled the chair around the door frame and looked up and down the hall. The others in the office were in exam rooms with the doors closed.

I still haven’t figured out what that was, if anything.


I’ve also been having brief periods of bed floating or slow tilting during my mediations. Similar to when I am about ready to drop off to sleep or when I listen to self-hypnosis tapes, so I am thinking that is a good thing – altering a brain state —- or my sinuses are just clogged up with allergies after the move back to Oklahoma!


The other day I had the strong feeling of needing to reach out and have contact with Grenwinae around 11:15 a.m. I am working on developing my intuition so I simply took note of the time to ask him about it later as I was in the middle of work.

As close as he can remember that is when he got the call about a job offer (which we both agreed for him to turn it down as the employer was someone we both didn’t feel he could ethically work for).

He was put forth by a recruiter to a very religious company (manufacturer) and we also agreed not to pursue it further. Having lived in a Bible Belt state long enough, there is no need to torture yourself by working with people who post all over their company website about being a Christian who witnesses.


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