deja vu incidents increasing


The incidents I’ve been having of deja vu dramatically increased yesterday (Wednesday). The feeling I was playing out a situation that I had experienced before went on for over an hour. All of this seems connected to my new job; and in the past a brief feeling of deja vu was no more important in terms of predicting an outcome (good or bad) than having an ill timed burp.

According to science, there may be something wrong with my brain. Although I am not having seizures, I was standing in three different scenarios that I KNEW, I KNEW had been frozen in time and put in the old memory banks far before any time would have explained they were placed there (since the events had not occurred yet). Since I’ve been at the job less than three weeks, there can be no lost memory I’m now recalling especially when these are actions being played out by people I only met about 21 days ago in a building I hadn’t seen until a month ago!

I’m not taking any drugs. And I’m a bit old to be developing schizophrenia.

I do know that my brain is very, very tired and I have to keep pushing forward at this point with little in reserve.

Rest will probably take care of things.

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