Midsummer Sun

I set out Citrine to absorb the sun on the longest day of the year. When I went to collect them, I spooked a Cottontail out of the long grass. Grenwinae told me yesterday that he had seen, when collecting our dog from the side yard, probably four rabbits in the dark. All the rabbits may mean the prosperity and abundance focus is working!


Citrine, or the Merchant’s stone,  is linked to abundance and specifically money. Perhaps that is due to it’s gold color…? BTW the color is enhanced by man through heat as the natural state Citrine is much paler in color than those found in stores.

I bought two tumbled pieces – one of which I plan on putting in the cash drawer at work (yes, we need abundance there too!) and the other in a spell pouch with some other items. The Citrine points are mostly Grenwinaes; the smaller one in the center is mine. All were cleansed in the running river located across from our Missouri home in the National Forest.

Today, Grenwinae bought me a Moonstone, a Girasol stone, and a piece of Quartz. My Druid Plant Oracle cards and book came in too. Grenwinae will cleanse the three stones in the river before seeing me on Sunday and that evening I plan on bathing some tools (my cards and moon related stones) by moonlight under the June’s Supermoon!

Some interesting places to read about stones:

Emily Gems has a lot of info on her site, especially in cleansing, attuning and using stones in meditation.

RavenandCrone has a huge selection of magickal articles about gems and crystals.

Some more beautiful stones at Sage Goddess as well as an online class in gems via her website.


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