Vulture’s Tears (essential oil blend)

After a week of experimenting, I’ve made my first massage oil blend. Dedicated to Vulture, it’s a blend to prepare for a transformation – letting go of the past, what has not served, releasing grief, anxiety and stress and consecrating for the change. It’s not the change itself – it’s the preparation and the work that has to be done – the letting go so you can feel free to cross over the bridge to the other side.


Last night, Grenwinae gave me a massage using my oil blend I had put together, based on my thoughts on my Animal Guide, Vulture. At first he said it was nice smell, subtle. Than as time went on he finally said, “it’s kind of a … hm well a downer.” LOL!

As the night progressed, we ended up both having a bit of a cry over our situation – being stuck in separate states, money, waiting etc… – The next day in discussing it again, we both agreed the blend had a mellow sadness. Not full out despair but a quiet mourning.

EXACTLY what this is designed for! So this blend is not for the person who is already depressed and sobbing all the time. It’s not for hysteria and those who about ready to slip off the edge of their sanity due to racking loss. It’s designed for the stoic, the person who holds it all in, the person who refuses to let go but needs to let go. And the person who has done so much grieving, their heart is sore and empty. A time where the grief has become a mourning and you are ready to turn a corner.

Vulture’s Tears

2 ounces of carrier oil

6 drops Cypress (middle note) ~ overcome grief, sadness and loss,
brings understanding of our losses and sacrifices, useful in time of crises. Stimulates.

8 drops Juniper Berry (middle note) ~ cleansing and protection, release of grief,  calming, good for those emotionally exhausted.

6 drops Lime (top note) ~ calms hysteria and anxiety, cleanses the aura. Invigorating.

8 drops Frankincense (base note) ~ relieves depression, anxiety, grief.  Slow downs and calms breathing. Cleanses, purifies and consecrates.

Turkey Vulture – image from wikipedia

Vulture is about family – they live in communal groups and in the morning they face the rising sun, spreading their feathers in order to dry them.  She is often seen connected to Solar imagery. A Wind Rider, She conserves Her energy and uses the Earth and Wind to take Her where She needs to be. Turkey Vulture has keen eyesight and smell.

She may be passed over due to Her appearance, which many might find disgusting, but it is Her inner qualities that are important. Vultures often have a lack of feathers on their heads to prevent acquiring disease and parasites from the animals they eat. Vulture kills nothing yet her clean up duties prevents disease and thus provides an ultimate service to the human and animal web of life.

Griffon Vulture ~ image from wikipedia

She is the Handmaiden who prepares the flesh to make the great transformation of leaving the body and becoming spirit. Vulture, as a psychopomp, allows us to understand the need for death and decay in the cycle of birth and transformation.

I love how the Ancient Egyptians and Native Americans didn’t shy from Her work. It’s our modern distaste of facing the ending of our cycle of life which makes Vulture either a joke or repellent.

image from wikipedia

BTW the feather Maat used was that of an Ostrich, not a Vulture. However, Maat is depicted with wings thought to be a Vultures, and she was also accompanied by Vultures. Check out Nekhbet, the White Vulture goddess of Ancient Egypt.


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