A Working of Acorns

For months there seems to be a swirling maelstrom of energy and emotions around ourselves. Up to Missouri, back to Oklahoma, changing schools, changing management at work, first I’m working in Missouri, than I quit, than I go back, and lastly a job move back to Oklahoma with another change of schools for daughter and a separation between myself and Grenwinae.

Is it a wonder that Powers and Presences are confused? I am confused!

At first, I started out with the idea that I wanted to just draw money, but after a few job interviews it became apparent that we needed more than money: we needed a job that provided career advancement working for good people/company, as well as a certain level of benefits (i.e. insurance, 401K matching, vacation etc…). Most importantly we needed to be together and able to meet our obligations. Money wasn’t everything and was it even ethical to ask for money?

What we really needed was what was right for us and what the universe could provide for us – just maybe moving it along a little faster. Time to get focused! What did we want? What do we need? We needed to bless ourselves and stay faithful to what would benefit us all as a family – and with Grenwinae being the major, financial breadwinner a lot of what I selected has a masculine element to it.

Today, I had a plan. I’m not a follower of Thors, but being Thursday, and beginning a working, it behooved me to pay a bit of respect. His male warrior aspect also fits well with Grenwinae needing to be a warrior, take no prisoners, attitude he needs while jobhunting. Oak (Protection, Health, Money, Healing, Potency, Fertility, Luck) is a tree that Grenwinae feels a kinship with and is connected to Thor and the Masculine.

Thor, son of Odin,

Red-haired Thunder

Rides the Storm.

Hammer swung, Giants fell,

Fierce Warrior.

Your battles are still revered.

Accept the Oak, leaves and nut,

Honoring your day.

Fire is another male aspect. I’m also a sun sign. Fire destroys and consumes and leaves fertile ground behind. It’s rather a paradox – the destroyer and the creator.

For the fire, I made a collection of natural offerings, focusing on the colors of green and gold: Cedar, pine, acorns, whole Allspice, and shavings of Ginger, mixed with crayons and cotton balls scented with Dragons’ Hoard Oil. All wrapped with offering papers of gold and green made into Horns of Plenty (some extra ones I’ll bring to Grenwinae in Missouri this weekend).

I made a mixture of the following:

Whole Allspice Masculine, Mars, Fire
(money, luck, healing and treasure! adds extra determination and energy),
Black Pepper (courage, banish negativity, works against petty jealousy, and provides courage in difficult circumstances, exorcism),
Cedar (confidence, strength, power, prosperity and money),
Cinnamon Masculine, Mars, Fire, Venus
(personal empowerment, power, love, luck, money).
Fennel seed (stimulates movement),
Fenugreek (money, prosperity),
Ginger slices (to draw adventure and new experiences, confidence, success, manifests),
Mustard Seed (courage, faith and endurance), and
Pine (promotes clean breaks, new beginnings, success, strength, employment).

When it comes to a “spell” I have a lot of reservations, which I’ve posted about before. This “working” is really about visualizing what I desire, and asking the Universe to provide what is right for our family at this time. Its for me to take a step back, realize what we need, and to gain a centered calm that what will happen, even if it is not exactly what I had imagined, is actually what is best.

Tam supra, quam subter
(as above, so below)

Tam intra, quam extra
(as within, so without)

Determination & Courage

Strength & Endurance

Confidence & Self Faith

New Beginnings with a Clean Break


Manifestation of the Blessing




(from the heart, sincerely)

To me, the outcome I desire is is linked to the Tarot’s Temperance card: magic and earthly matters, coming together alchemically in the right proportions, at the right time, with ease. And Justice. You get what you deserved. Good or bad. We ask only for what I feel we have earned.


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