The Mystery of Home

After all my preparation for my working to ask the Universe to move a bit faster, Fire and Success didn’t want to talk to me. My candles kept blowing out and after a great bit of smudging a beautiful scent, my Horn of Plenty fire faded. Harumph.

I took Vulture’s feathers, laid back on the grass and told Wind, Fine talk with me. Turns out, Wind had a lot to say.

I asked Mother Vulture to look after me;

of course, daughter,  you are family (wings spread to the sun as we all sit on the family tree).

I asked Rabbit-child to be there for me;

You carry me within you (quiet whisper).

I asked Owl for guidance;

I haven’t left you (a hooting chuckle).

I asked Hawk for a message. Hawk? Hello, Hawk? Hawk was too busy so I think my mind supplied the reply of that He would get back to me when I needed it. I swear he reminds me of my brother.


After that, a whole long inner dialogue took place, some of which I’ll give the gist of…

It started with me thinking of the Dragon Hoards’ oil and how much I liked the smell which made my mind fasten on the word Treasure. Which got the reply:

Your treasure is right here.

In the scratchy grass? Where it was 101 degrees today and none of my grand spell is going along the way I expected…?

Yes, Treasure is here. Home is here. You are the home. Where you go, there is the Hearth, the Dwelling, the Sense of Place for the family. He will come to you.

Home? You’re kidding right? I don’t like housework and don’t consider my myself Supermommy material at any time of my motherhood.

Yes. You are the receptacle. The place mark. The container that holds all of it. The womb is more than a place to birth out children.

Even if I went out and was an Amazon Warrior, I would still embody the Center of Place. I would take it with me and any male would recognize it. At this point there was a lot of skepticism on my end and many questions.

Grenwinae will have it harder than you because of his yearning and need to be Home. He might know how to cook a meal and  clean up the kitchen but he really doesn’t understand all the layers and meanings of what Home, Hearth, and Place actually is. He yearns for it. Yet has no ability to create it – or hold it –

That is your Mystery.

About this time little light drops of rain started to fall on me.

But I want him here! I want to be looked after. I want to be cuddled and cherished and have him do all the King things.

Queens have to do things too. Defense, strategic management, putting down usurpers….

Being a Queen isn’t an easy job you know.

So I guess this means no job, huh?

The replying silence wasn’t really a no. It was just we had discussed what we needed to be discussed and Wind had moved on. The fear of losing Grenwinae or not having him with me far outweighs money concerns. Obviously, my inner self knows this and is responding to the deep fears I have, sweeping away earthly concerns of paying overdue bills, food and clothing.


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