influence of environments

Some additional thinking on my internal dialogue of a few days ago….

I definitely had the UPG impressions that Vulture is female/mother; Rabbit is an androgynous child; that Owl seemed more male but was somehow linked to the female in a Yin-Yang complement; and that Hawk was male – the brother aspect.


I hesitated about posting my thoughts on how home is linked to the feminine because, yes I’m a diehard feminist and feel women should be given equal representation, equal pay and benefits and I really don’t like sexist attitudes in the media or with individuals. However, as I’ve aged, I’ve also seen there are things linked to our gender that are unique to us because of our gender.

My awareness of the physical environment around me and how it impacts my emotions is something I am very aware of. Grewinae not so much.

In having three brothers, living with a man for over 20 years and having a son, you just come to realize that they don’t seem to have the same awareness of their surroundings as your average woman does. Do I mean all men don’t care about if the bed is made – or that no woman can use a hammer? No, not at all. But take this incident as an example….

We are letting the horses graze the front yard. They are avoiding a certain weed and have eaten down all the grass around it. This is good as this weed is poisonous to horses. However, this weed now stands out like a sore thumb amongst all the close-cropped grass and it has been bothering me for weeks. Yesterday, I had Grenwinae chop them down with a hoe while I pulled some up. The front yard immediately looked much better. He told me they had been bothering him too but just didn’t think too much about it.

I also noticed the split limb off of the Oak at the front of the driveway. It must have happened in a storm the night that I had my ceremony but Grenwinae noticed it only after I pointed it out. Hm…


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