Making your charms personal

When Grenwinae and I were dating, we often went to eat at Chinese restaurants. After our first lovemaking, I received the fortune:  There is yet time enough for you to take a different path. The day he proposed to me he received the same fortune! LOL! Neither of us took that different path so here we are.


Over the years, we kept a lot of our cookie fortunes and stored them in a glass jar. Last weekend we went through and made four piles:

1.) those related to love, relationships and friendships which we will work into some July love rituals;

2.) those related to careers and business success for Grenwinae’s impending career move;

3.) any that could be related to protection, for a new moon ritual to protect himself at his current job;

4.) and a trash pile of fortunes too ambiguous or double-edged to be used in any ritual or spell work.

The career fortunes, Grenwinae will work into the money herb mixture for his own ritual later this month. While I was with him, I made a few additions into the mixture: dried Bergamot flower petals from our garden, Sesame Seeds and fresh Marjoram.

I took one fortune, some of the success herb mixture, and a cleansed Citrine stone with the following three quarters:

A 1989 Quarter symbolizing the year we married (we want to be together);

an Oklahoma quarter, stamped on the back with the state bird, the Scissortail Flycatcher, in mid-flight (we want to fly back home);

a 2013 coin (the year we want to move) that has a stamped back, commemorating Perrys’ Victory; and

Grenwinae kept a fourth coin: a Missouri Quarter, he will add to his own work.

The coins were all washed and cleansed in the river before we used them. While the river rushed over them, we walked down the river bed where Grenwinae found two holey stones, one which he gifted to me. I’ll take a red ribbon and tie it over our bed for when we meet again over the fourth of July weekend.


Coming up the hill from the river, a rabbit hopped across our path, stopping at the edge of the wood before dashing away into the undergrowth. As we pulled the car up to the spot where the rabbit had vanished, two Indigo Blue Buntings, were sitting on a branch, before flying off together.

An auspicious blessing upon our work I believe.


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